Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my home?
Yes, you own your home and lease the land through a site agreement.
How much are the site fees and what do they cover?
Site fees are currently $155 per week*. Site fees cover a variety of costs associated with running and maintaining the community including (but not limited to): your site rent, the use of all community facilities, maintenance costs of the community facilities, gardens and streetscapes.
*January 2020
Will I be eligible for rent assistance?
Yes, in most cases residents who receive a government pension are entitled to receive rent assistance which in effect will help reduce your weekly site fees. For full information about how rent assistance is determined and calculated refer to
Will the site fees increase?
Yes, the site fees are adjusted annually in accordance with associated community costs.
How secure is my site?
As a resident, you are protected by the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 No 97. As part of this protection you are provided a Residential Site Agreement.
Are there exit or deferred management fees?
No, there are no exit or deferred management fees. Any capital gain achieved is yours to keep. If and when you decide to sell your home you can list with a real estate agent or we can sell your home on your behalf.
Are there any body corporate fees?
No, there are no body corporate charges, no council rates and no entry or exit fees.
Do I pay stamp duty or legal fees when I purchase?
No, there are no government charges such as stamp duty or legal fees for preparing contracts.
You are more than welcome to consult a solicitor should you choose or require assistance.
Are there any other additional fees?
No, the only other outgoings are your own gas, electricity, water, and phone.
What will happen to my pension?
Moving to a lifestyle community can affect your pension entitlement and eligibility for rent assistance. You may get less or you may get more. For many people their pension will remain the same and they will become eligible for rent assistance, which they didn’t receive before.
Does a guarantee or warranty come with my home?
Yes, all structural work is guaranteed for a period of 6 years. Non-structural items are guaranteed for one year, subject to fair wear and tear. This warranty covers defective labour and materials. A maintenance period of 12 months applies from the date of installation. This covers any maintenance required that is a direct result of the home being placed onsite.
Are the homes treated for pests and termites?
Yes all homes are treated with termite resistant framing.
Can I have visitors such as family and friends stay with me?
Yes, your family and friends are welcome to enjoy the facilities within the village. For longer stays, consent from park management is to be obtained.
Can I have pets?
Domestic animals up to 10kg are welcome. Strict rules apply to pets within the park for the safety and wellbeing of all of our residents and guests.
Do I have to maintain the gardens?
You are only required to maintain your own garden. The manager and his team maintain the communal gardens and grounds.
Are singles welcome?
Yes, singles are certainly welcome however site rental remains the same.
Can I leave my home to a family member?
Yes, the home becomes part of your estate. Your beneficiaries can reside in the community if they meet the criteria, or they may simply sell the home.
Do I need to insure my home?
Yes, you need to insure your home through your own broker or insurance company.
What happens to my residential site agreement and lease if there is a change in the holiday park & lifestyle community owner?
Your Residential Site Agreement (RSA) is an individual contract binding both you and the holiday park & lifestyle community owner for the term of your lease. There is a clause in the RSA which states that if the holiday park & lifestyle community is sold to another operator, a condition precedent to the sale is that the new holiday park & lifestyle community owner is bound by the same terms and conditions of your RSA as the current owner. This means that there can be changes in ownership of the holiday park & lifestyle community, but your RSA (lease) is protected and does not change.
How do I get started?
Choose one of our onsite display homes.
1. Select your house design – 1 or 2 bedroom options available
2. Select your homes internal and external finishes and appliances.
3. Sign a contract and pay a 10% deposit.
4. Once your house design and details have been finalised and the manufacture of the
home has been ordered pay a 50% deposit
5. Your home will be completed and installed in 12 weeks and subject to your final inspection and satisfaction, you pay the final settlement balance.

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